Step 1:

Every game needs assets, the first thing you need to do is to load a game asset into the editor.

Load an image into the editor by pointing at the load button
and clicking “As image”

After the image has been loaded, it will be available under the assets tab in the editor


Step 2:

Now we have our first assets to work with. These assets can be turned into game-objects which are the basic building blocks of the game

Close the asset browser and drag’n drop the asset into the editor-panel (a new object will be created automatically)

You will now find the asset created as an object in the objects tab.

Rename the object by clicking on the name property and type in whatever you want (in the example it’s just ball). Confirm by pressing return.

Repeat the previous steps as often as you want until you have established the desired quantity of game-objects that you want to build your game with.

(here we only added one more object and named it coin)

Step 3:

Now we have game objects with properties. To define interaction rules we will use the event manager: choose “Game” and open the event manager:

choose “New event rule” and select the created rule.

Click “New condition” and choose a condition.
Confirm with Ok. In the example we chose Mouse-button is down.

Meaning of the finished condition:

We now have a condition that needs to be satisfied for the rule to be triggered. This will happen whenever the mouse button is being clicked. We can now add an action that should happen whenever the rule gets triggered.

Click “+ New action” and choose which object should perform an action. (In this example we chose the object ball) and click “Next”.

Now we need to define what exactly should happen with the chosen object when the rule is triggered. We have to choose an action.

We chose “Add PosX” which means that if the mouse button is down, the ball will be moved on the X-axis by a certain value.

Click “Next” and type in the number of units (Pixels) you want the object to move.
Positive numbers for a movement to the right and negative numbers for a movement to the left.

You will creat a rule with the following condition and action.

Close the event editor and click Play

If you will now click the mouse button, the ball will move towards the coin.

If you are signed in, you may now save the game. This requires giving the game a name by clicking Game in the objects tab and changing the name property. You may add a number of tags by modifying the tags property so your game will be more easily found. Click Save to save the game. Also make sure to stop the game before saving it!

(here: name=Tutorial1, tag=tutorial)

Step 4:

Publish your game or send the game-link to your friends:

Click on Games.

Link: opens a new tab in your browser where you can test-play your game

Cloud: instantly publishes your game on the Ceilfire-Game-Portal.