Platform Game 1

How to make a platform game

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple platform game in only a few steps. You will see that the process allows you to make games from scratch. If you prefer to start from an existing template, feel free to use this platform game as a basis to start and remake it the way you want it to be.

1. Background

First of all, you create three layers (learn more about it here) and name them background, platform and player.
In the background -layer only place the background object by selecting the layer and drag & drop the asset to the map window.
After resizing the object to the display (red framed area) open the properties of the background object, open camera and set fixed to camera to YES. By fixing the camera to the background, you make sure that your backgound always moves with your camera. We will later make the camera follow the player character’s movements. At the same time the background is fixed to the camera so that the background follows the player character’s movements and will always be in the background of the game.

2. Platforms

Now switch to the platform -layer and load a tileset in the properties bar:
Then select tilelayer in the properties bar and put Number of lines in x and y direction to 125 and tile width and height to 16 so that the tiles fit the tileset best (different for every tileset).
Now select the tiles you want to paint and start building your own platform world.
Now that your platforms are built, select the player -layer and load a player asset. Select + Add new component and then JumpAndRun:

3. The Player

Select the player object and go to camera in the properties bar and put Camera follow to Yes.
Check out the result ( Tutorial Platformer 1) and feel free to Remake with the editor to discover the Editor settings.

If you want to make your players movements animated, check out this Tutorial Animations & Control.

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