Platform Game 2

In this tutorial you will further develop the Platformer 1 that we have built during the Tutorial Platform Game 1. We will learn how to use Periodic Movements and how the player object can collect items.

In case you built your own platformer game with the help of the first tutorial, load the existing game. If not, feel free to use the Platformer 1 from above.

1. Periodic Movements

Select the platform -layer and create an object that you want to be periodically moving. Then select the object and choose + Add new component and Periodicin the porperty menu on the right side of the editor. When the property Periodic has been created, open the periodic property and tune it individually.
If you want to make a periodically moving object collide with the player, e.g. an elevating platform, add the collide property with + Add new component and place the object in the player -layer.

2. Collecting Items

Select the player -layer and create and name an object you want the player to collect.
Now select the player object and create a new rule. Select New condition and select Collides with. Then choose the item the player should collect:
Now create a New action, select the item to collect and choose
destroy as action to happen when the two objects collide with each other.Once you created the object and the rule, you can drag&drop the item from the objects bar into the map window to duplicate it. To make the disappearing of the item even more lively we will add a sound that rings when the player collides with the item to collect. Therefore select a sound asset, name it and drag&drop it into the map window. Then create a New action in the same rule that destroys the collectable item. In that action choose the sound object and set it to Start Playing.

Great! You learned how to make a simple jump & run game with collectable items. You can check out the Game and discover the Editor Settings by Remaking the game.

If you want to animate the movements of your player character, check out this Tutorial Animations & Controls.

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